No likes! No comments! No shares! We focus on quality contents!

No likes! No comments! No shares! We focus on quality contents!
At Partyaner we don't have likes, comments and shares because we want from users to make better content. Only quality and specialized social networks can do that!

Likes don't have a value at Partyaner because they aren't important here. We don't want user to compete who has more likes on their posts, that's worthless.

Same thing with comments, they aren't important because this is the business social network specialized in music so if someone want to get in touch with other user they can do it by sending a message in the inbox. Why should someone read what are you talking with another user, especially when you're talking about budgets?

And finally shares, who cares? Every Partyaner user can see the events and Ads on the Newsfeed, but also can see them on the user's profiles too. There's no need to share anything here! You can just share (refer) the Partyaner to your friends to join. :)

Just enjoy the quality content, read and follow what are you interested in and get in touch with other users to make more collaborations and more bookings.

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Read How to create a profile on Partyaner for more information.


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