Social networks have ruined the jobs of managers and agencies? We have a solution!

Social networks have ruined the jobs of managers and agencies? We have a solution!
How many times have you heard that social networks and the internet are responsible for destroying the jobs of managers, music, fashion and booking agencies in general?

Unfortunately, social networks like Facebook and Instagram have indeed destroyed, and continue to destroy, the jobs of agencies that deal with representing performers and artists.

The reason is simple - Today everyone can create their own profile on Facebook or Instagram and promote themselves, gather followers and offer their services to organizers because each such profile has the ability to contact directly, which opens the possibility of bypassing agencies and their business is at stake.

How does it work with us?

Event agency/Manager

You can represent 5 DJs, 3 male dancers, 3 female dancers, 6 hostesses and 2 photographers. As you know, event organizers are specifically looking for DJs, dancers and hostesses. To get to them the classic way, they have to have the contact of one of their managers or agencies and ask when they are free for booking, but on Partyaner they don’t even have to do that anymore! Organizers do not necessarily have to know who their name is and who represents whom, but it is enough for them to know WHAT and WHEN they are looking for, and that is exactly what our advanced profile search is for.

The organizer can visit any of your profiles you represent and get in touch by sending an inquiry. Of course, his inquiry will not reach any of those profiles you represent as is the case on classic social networks, but only you! And you then continue the correspondence and agree on the terms.

The same principle applies to any form of agency, such as a music agency, a fashion agency, an event agency or a manager.

Also, agencies and managers representing clubs or any venue for events can receive reservations through Partyaner because each profile of the club, restaurant or ceremonial hall has its own event schedule calendar and the possibility of booking.

Fashion agency

At a fashion agency where you represent models you rent for various fashion shows, the situation is specific because they are mostly on Instagram where they are promoted and are available via the contact button. When someone sends them an inquiry and immediately offers a budget for the show, which is often very tempting, will they respect their agency with which they have a contract or will they agree to the conditions offered by the organizers who contact them in this way?

Indeed, it is difficult for any of them to resist such challenges and that is why it often happens that they do not respect the agency with which they have a contract and then big problems arise.

We have a solution!

Partyaner is designed so that it is practically impossible to bypass agencies for a simple reason - you as an agency or manager can create an unlimited number of profiles on Partyaner and thus connect them all to your account, and you can also represent other people's profiles that accept your managing!

In other words, imagine that there are 1000 models on a social network that have their own profiles. When any organizer wants to get in touch with them, that inquiry actually reaches you - that’s how Partyaner works!

What you, as an agency/manager, can do for your part is to make it a condition for everyone to be on the Partyaner if they want to cooperate because everything else is to continue destroying your business.

In this way, we want to return to the way of business as it used to be, that jobs are arranged by agencies, managers and organizers because it is not realistic to expect performers, artists, entertainers and models to do the same jobs where top and professional organization is needed, where even the smallest details are important.

So create your agency profile and all the profiles you represent today! If the Partyaner profile you represent already exists, send him a managing request. Once he accepts your managing request, all future inquiries for him will arrive to you!

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Read How to create a profile on Partyaner for more information.


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