There are six types of profiles on Partyaner that you can create, depending on how do you want to showcase your work. Profiles serve as a medium to represent everything you do.

Through profile other users can contact you, send you the inquires, submit a managing requests, follow you, and if you have a Music Band / Group profile then they can submit a membership requests to join your Music Band / Group.

You can create an unlimited number of profiles by one account and the creation of the first profile is for free.

You can submit a profile verification request for each of your profiles.

Read Why should I verify my profile(s) for more information.



Create a musician profile if you are a singer, producer, DJ, MC, songwriter, vocalist, backing vocalist, beatboxer, street musician, drummer, guitarist, or generally if you are into music and/or play a music instrument.

Read the Musician section for more information.


Music Band / Group

This type of profile is intended for those who have their own music band or any kind of group. A Music Band / Group profile can have one or more members and each member can have his own profile. So a Music Band / Group profile can be linked to multiple profiles that are the members of that Music Band / Group.

Read the Music Band / Group section for more information.


 Manager / Agency

If you are in a management business or you have an event management agency, then you can create this type of profile. With this profile, you will have the opportunity to represent other profiles, and other users will be able to submit a managing request to you to represent their profiles.

If you just organize the events then it is not necessary to create this type of profile, but it may be more appropriate to create a "Services" profile type that may describe your business and what kind of services you offer.

Read the Manager / Agency section for more information.



Venue profile type describes any type of venue where an event can be organized, such as clubs, discotheques, coffee bars, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, concert halls, wedding halls, cruisers, outdoor venues, etc.

With this profile, you can offer other users the ability to reserve space for various types of events, and you can add and display each event in the events schedule calendar so that other users can see when your profile is available and when it's not available for booking.

Read the Venue section for more information.



An entertainer is a type of profile that represents any form of entertaining and animating the audience. It can be an actor, model, hostess, bottle service, dancer, GoGo, striptease, starlet, animator, robot, juggler, fireman, but also stand-up comedian.

It is always possible that we will expand this list over time depending on the needs of the Partyaner users.

Read the Entertainer section for more information.



This type of profile can be created by anyone who offer some services related to music or event organization.

These may be stores with music instruments and equipment, music/production studio, photographers, cameramen, limousine rental, sound systems for rental or sale, lighting for rental or sale, installation of a stage or dome, tent installation, interior or exterior design of clubs, decoration services for weddings or other occasions, TV/radio/show hosts, but also waiters and bartenders.

It is always possible that we will expand this list over time depending on the needs of the Partyaner users.

Read the Services section for more information.


Read the Profile Policy for more information.


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