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Manager / Agency

 Manager / Agency

Create this profile type if:

  • you are in a management business
  • you have a management agency
  • you want to showcase the profile(s) you manage
  • someone else is managing your profile and you want to get the inquiries for that profile too (manage your profile)


With this profile type you can represent the profiles of other users.

If you just organize the events and don't manage anyone, then it is not necessary to create this profile type, but it may be more appropriate to create a Services profile type that may describe your business and what kind of services you offer.

CAUTION! Practically, you don't necessarily need to create a manager/agency profile type because you're already a manager when you register to Partyaner as a user. A manager/agency profile type is used just to showcase your profile(s) that you manage and to submit a managing request to other users. As long as you're an owner of the profile you created you will get the inquiries for that profile. Once you get a managing request from another user and you accept the managing request, you will still be an owner of that profile, but you will no longer get the inquiries for that profile. That's the case if you want to let your profile be managed by someone else, not you. But, if you let your profile be managed by other user and you also want to be a manager of that profile too (you want to get the inquiries for that profile), then you have to create your own manager/agency profile type and connect it with your profile you want to manage. In other words, you have to submit a managing request to yourself (your profile) and accept the managing request. In that case that profile will have more than one manager and other users can choose which manager they want to communicate with.


With Manager / Agency profile type you can:

  • get message requests
  • get the inquiries for all profiles you manage
  • submit managing requests to all profile types: Musicians, Music Bands / Groups, Venues, Entertainers and Services
  • get followers
  • showcase profile(s) that you manage on your Manager's profile


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