You can represent other profiles on the Partyaner if you are a manager or an agency that deals with representation.

You can manage an unlimited number of profiles, and all inquiries for the profiles you manage will always reach you and that is why there is no bypassing managers and agencies on Partyaner, as is the case on other social networks!

Partyaner is designed so that it is practically impossible to bypass agencies for a simple reason - you as an agency or manager can create an unlimited number of profiles on Partyaner and thus connect them all to your account, and you can also manage other people's profiles that accept your managing request!

In other words, imagine that there are 1000 models on a social network that have their own profiles. When any organizer wants to get in touch with them, that inquiry actually reaches you - that’s how Partyaner works!

What you, as an agency/manager, can do for your part is to make it a condition for everyone to be on the Partyaner if they want to cooperate.

There are two ways to represent other profiles:

  1. To create all the profiles you represent by yourself
  2. To submit a managing request to other profiles you want to manage


Create all the profiles you represent

Create all the profiles of the musicians, artists, entertainers, venues and services you manage. In this way, each of these profiles will be directly linked to your account, ie the e-mail with which you registered with Partyaner. This means that all inquiries for these profiles will always reach you!

So, when someone wants to send a message request (inquiry) to your DJ or the music band you manage, the request will not reach him/her, but only you!

That way, no one will ever be able to bypass you again when someone sends a message request (inquiry) to someone you represent.

It is not necessary, but if you want the profiles you manage to display information that you are the manager, you can send a managing request to yourself (your profile you have created) and accept it by yourself. To do this you must have a Manager / Agency type profile.

Submit a managing request for the profile you want to manage

Another way is to first create a Manager / Agency profile so that you can submit a managing request to other profiles at all.

If there is already a profile you represent on Partyaner, ie a profile created by someone else, you can submit him a managing request. Once that user accepts your request, his profile will show information that you are the manager of him.

In that case, all further inquiries for that profile will always reach you!

Of course, this will work as long as one party does not cancel the managing.

One profile can have several managers / agencies representing it. In this case, the organizer or user who requesting the service can choose which of them he wants to submit a message request (inquiry for booking).

Don't let anyone bypass you anymore!

Social networks have ruined the jobs of managers and agencies? We have a solution!

Read about Manager / Agency for more information.


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