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Here are the rules of using and meaning of profile types at Partyaner. You're responsible for all information and data you provide on your Partyaner profile under material and criminal liability.



When you create a new profile you become a registered Partyaner user with your full name, password and e-mail.

As registered Partyaner user you can't get any bookings, but you have to create a profile first in order to have communication with other Partyaner users with profiles.



There are several basic types of profiles available at Partyaner: Musician, Music Band/Group, Manager/Agency, Venue, Entertainer and Services.

Manager/Agency can manage one or more artists, venues or services. Manager profile is used to show other users which profiles that manager manage and to get more information about that manager and his connections.

Musician is an artist who deals with music business as a stand-alone or as a member of the Music Band/Group.

Music Band/Group can be contained of one or more musicians, artists or entertainers. Each member can have their own profile linked to Music Band/Group profile by adding them as a member of the Music Band/Group.

Venue is a profile described as any kind of location where any kind of event could be organized.

Entertainer is a person or an agency who works as entertainer and could be connected with music industry. E.g. dancer, dance group, hostess, bottle service, animator, disco robot, juggler, fire swallower, go-go dancer, stand-up comedian or an agency.

Services is a profile such as technical support which may be any form of legal entity involved in the organization of concerts, musical performances, rental or sale of music equipment or instruments, sound system, lighting, mounting stages, limousine transport, waiters or any other kind of service or technical support connected with music industry.



Every registered user can create unlimited number of profiles.

Creating the first profile is for free, but creating more than one profile costs the certain amount of the Partycoins.

Registered user doesn't have to create any profile, but then he may have experience some limited use of Partyaner.



If you want your profile to be verified with a famous „verified badge“ so everyone can know that your profile is official (real business) at Partyaner, you can make a verification request.

Any Partyaner user can make a profile verification request for any of his own created profile.

The prerequisite for applying to profile verification is that all information marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in. If all the required information is filled in, then you can attach a copy of your identity document (ID, driving licence or passport) and click on the "Submit" button so we can receive and review your request. Please provide us with a copy of your ID for the profile for which you are applying. If it is a legal entity, please provide us with a copy of the court registry statement together with your identity document. After we review your request, you will be notified whether the verification has been approved or rejected.

Profile verification request is not for free, it costs the certain amount of Partycoins. But, when user make a profile verification request, the certain amount of Partycoins shall be reserved by Partyaner until decision. If the profile verification request is approved the reserved Partycoins stays in Partyaner, but if the profile verification request is rejected the same amount of Partycoins shall be refunded to user's wallet. Any of this action shall be recorded in the purchase history in the Partycoins section.

The user can make an unlimited times of profile verification requests.

Profile verification is an one-time action (purchase) which means if user's profile gets a verified badge, the user doesn't have to make a verification request anymore for that profile.

When any of user's profile become verified then this data will be disabled for changing:


  • profile name
  • alias

User account

  • name
  • surname


If user violates the Terms of Service, Terms of Purchase or Privacy Policy we reserve the right to take back any of user's verified badge without any previous notice.



Communication at Partyaner is between users, not profiles.

User's profile is used just for making actions like message request, following, managing, adding profile to music group as group member etc. and to get more information about the profile.

If you try to make a contact or any action with some profile, you will make a contact or action with the registered user who created that profile. In other words, every registered user is a manager of the profiles he created.



Every profile that user create is automatically managed by that user so we can say that all Partyaner users are managers.

But every user has an option if he want to let a managing of his profile to another user. In that case that user (profile owner) will no longer get the inquiries for that profile. If that user (profile owner) wants to be a manager too (get the inquiries), he has to submit a managing request to himselft (his own profile) and accept the managing request. In that case that profile shall has two managers, but other users can choose wich on of them they want to communicate with.

One profile can have many managers.



Last updated on: June 1st, 2019


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