At Partyaner everybody wins!

At Partyaner everybody wins!
Partyaner is one of the few companies in the world where everyone really benefits! How is that possible?

Simply, here is an example. The club owner or event manager organizes the concert and invites the music band. The club owner earns from tickets sold and drinks sold, the music band earns from performance fees, and the Partyaner earns from both sides, by getting in touch. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!

Now we’re going to turn that into numbers. Eg. the club owner earned 10,000 EUR, of which he paid the music band a performance fee of 3,000 EUR, and Partyaner earned 20 Partycoins (approx. 2 EUR) = 40 PCs from both sides for contacting (arranging performances).

Then who is at a loss here?

Nobody! Theoretically, only the guests who bought tickets and spent money on drinks at that concert were at a loss, but they definitely decided to come to the concert and have fun, so they paid for the entertainment.

Could it be better?

Of course it can! We give away 300 Partycoins to each new registered Partyaner user, which is the equivalent of approximately EUR 30.

If contacting costs 20 Partycoins, it means that a new Partyaner user can arrange 15 appearances. If some of those 15 performances earn only 1 EUR, that user is already in the plus!

Of course, in reality it is much more, it is practically impossible to earn only 1 EUR in 15 appearances, but we deliberately went to the extreme purely to see how mathematically and financially Partyaner works.

In other words, all Partyaner users who buy Partycoins and use it for their business are actually INVESTING!

Enjoy all the benefits of this music platform and join the comfortable with the profitable - forever!

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