Join a global platform that connects performers and event organizers in a modern way

Join a global platform that connects performers and event organizers in a modern way
Every artist wants to have as many gigs as possible while at the same time the event organizers are painstakingly mining information on the internet in search of free artists. Where is the problem?

Partyaner is not an ordinary website or classifieds Ads, but much more than that because it specializes in a specific audience - artists and event managers!

What the event booking platform Partyaner offers is to connect offer and demand in the world of music, art, entertainment and event organization in a modern way!

Event organizers no longer have to have hundreds and thousands of contacts in their cell phones and spend time calling performer or his manager one by one, just to ask him if that performer is free to perform on a certain date and agree on the terms of the performance while performers no longer have to bother with how and where to offer their services, how to find a manager and how to have as many performances as possible looking for event organizers.

There are of course also services related to music and event organization such as sound system rental, lighting, music studio, producers, photographers, cameramen, waiters, bartenders, bodyguards, security, influencers, youtubers, etc.

One, two and three can easily register on the Partyaner, create their profile, be sure to fill it with as much information as possible to be more representative and thus offer or request services according to their interests.

In addition to arranging gigs, Partyaner also serves to arrange collaborations between users, so that it actually connects supply and demand.

Advanced profile search

Unlike classic websites, classifieds and social networks, Partyaner offers an advanced profile search through which you can find exactly the profiles you are interested in, thus saving you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on the classic contact search! That way we solved the biggest problem - searching for contacts!

So, you no longer have to have a lot of contacts of performers, managers, event organizers and services related to music and event organization to organize an event because you have all the contacts you need on Partyaner and you can easily reach them through our advanced profile search! In other words, on Partyaner you don’t necessarily have to know who’s name and who does what to find the profile/service you’re looking for!

When using the advanced profile search, you can even select the exact date or even better the "from - to" period you need to organize the event, after which the search results will show you all the profiles that are free on the selected date or period!

It's a big time and money saver!

Why Partyaner? Why not?

If you already have a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Soundcloud profile, there’s really no reason not to have a Partyaner profile as well because Partyaner offers so much more than just a social network because it’s a business platform to connect common interests!

Registration is free and use of the site is without any obligation!

Partyaner offers ready-made solutions, booking system, availability calendar, fast and advanced profile search, you do not have to worry about maintaining the system and do not have to invest money in creating your own booking systems for your business, we did it all for you at Partyaner.

Partner advertising is targeted to your target audience, which means your ads will be viewed by artists, event organizers, and music-event-related services.

Promote yourself for free!

By creating your profile, you automatically become available for booking, i.e. for receiving requests for collaborations and gigs. By having a Partyaner profile and registration is free, you are promoted for free because every Partyaner user can find you and view your profile.

You can also create and promote your events on Partyaner and categorize them so that other users can view them according to their interests. For example, someone is only interested in weddings, so that user can easily select only the wedding view in Newsfeed settings.

When creating an event, you can also add a link to online ticket sales.

Join Partyaner, create events, advertise, connect with other users, get in touch and arrange collaborations and performances!

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Read How to create a profile on Partyaner for more information.



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