Looking for event managers and booking agencies

Looking for event managers and booking agencies
We are looking for event managers and booking agencies to join Partyaner for FREE!

You can sign up for FREE at and create your profile type Manager / Agency.

We hereby invite all managers and booking agencies to create profiles of all the artists and performers they represent so that they can practically have more contact for inquiries! In this way, other organizers / users do not necessarily have your contact (phone / e-mail), but through advanced profile search on Partyaner look for those profiles (artists / performers / services) that interest them and send an inquiry through their profiles that will actually reach you!


You represent 3 DJs, 10 music bands, 7 dancers, 4 entertainers and 2 nightclubs and for example someone needs 1 DJ and 2 dancers for an event. This organizer does not have to have your personal contact to send a request for their performance, but can simply do the following:

  1. Search all available DJs and dancers via advanced profile search
  2. Visit each of these profiles and if he likes any of them he can send them a message request by clicking on the "Book now" button
  3. The inquiry sent in this way will not reach that DJ or dancer, but you as the event manager / booking agency
  4. Furthermore, you can easily agree on the conditions of the performance via messages, very simply!


Therefore, it is certainly in your interest to create all the profiles of the performers you represent, because if you do not, someone else will do it for you, so he / she will receive more requests for performances and then that event manager / booking agency will have more work.

On the other hand, you who are looking for an event manager to represent you and arrange your performances, you are also free to register and use the advanced profile search to find the desired event manager / booking agency and send him a message request.

Partyaner can also serve as an event organizer for you so that you don't have to remember all your upcoming events, when and where your performers have their next performance, because the next upcoming event you are organizing will always be displayed on the Partyaner's news feed (home page). Likewise, there is a calendar on each profile and you can see exactly when the next performances of a particular performer are.

Partyaner already has registered event managers and booking agencies such as Mucho Tokic, WhoGotSkillz, Ilija Jovanović, Real Tribute Project, MEB d.o.o., Top Event etc. You can see all event managers and booking agencies here.


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Read How to create a profile on Partyaner for more information.


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