Partyaner is a great opportunity for all those who deal with social media and digital marketing!

Partyaner is a great opportunity for all those who deal with social media and digital marketing!
One of the most sought-after occupations today is the social media specialist, and it was created in the midst of the digital revolution. However, how do you choose the right social media for your business or your client's business to whom you offer such services?

In the sea of social media that you can use, it is necessary to choose and use exactly the social media that best fits the description of the business you or your client are dealing with.

When it comes to organizing events, booking of any kind, musicians who want to have as many gigs as possible, managers and agencies representing musicians, artists or clubs, labels, photographers, cameramen, entertainment, catering, tourism, culture, music-related services and organizing the event, then Partyaner is definitely the best choice!

The new generation of the social network is here!

Why Partyaner?

Precisely because Partyaner is a specialized social media that brings together artists, performers, entertainers, club owners and all types of catering facilities where events are held including restaurants, managers, agencies and all services related to music and event organization in one place.

Digital marketing is not only social media and Google!

So, on Partyaner you have a target audience and not only that, but you can use an advanced profile search according to your interests that no other social media has, not even Google!

That is why it is not so important who is who on the Partyaner, but it is more important what person actually do and what reviews he/she has!

Logically, a social media specialist should use specialized social media whose services he can use himself, but also offer them to his clients.

No censorship!

If you may have a situation with advertising restrictions on Google or social media, then this may be the reason why you advertise on our platform where we are more open-minded and more accessible for collaborations.

Rights and obligations

Registration is free and the use of the site is without any obligation, and only professional services such as advertising, contacting, representation, etc. are paid. You can see the complete price list of services here.

Creating the first profile is also free, and creating each subsequent profile is paid and you can create an unlimited number of profiles, depending on your interests.

SPECIAL OFFER! We give away 300 Partycoins to every new registered user!

Also, unlike classic social networks, there are no posts, likes, comments or shares on Partyaner, so you don't have to bother with these things, precisely because Partyaner is primarily a business platform for arranging business where the likes, comments and shares are redundant and therefore you have no obligations as on classic social media that require a lot of dedicated time from you.

At Partyaner, everything is "on demand" so when someone sends you an inquiry, a notification will arrive in your email, after which you can decide whether you want to answer that inquiry or not. This way you can save a lot of your valuable time because Partyaner is not designed to require as much user presence as possible, as required by other social media whose algorithms increase or decrease your reach of posts depending on how often you post and spend time using their services.

How can Partyaner serve you for your business?

After registration, you access Newsfeed where all the Ads through which someone offers or asks for something are displayed, and along with the Ads, announcements of upcoming events are displayed.

You can also create Ads and events.

If you may be involved in representing artists, clubs, entertainers or services related to music and event organization, then Partyaner is also the best choice because on Partyaner it is simply impossible to bypass managers and agencies as is the case on classic social networks!

So, if you want to do a serious job of organizing events, then create all the profiles you represent because all inquiries for those profiles will reach you!

Those who has a Partyaner profile has a greater advantage over those who don't have one because they have "contact more" for inquiries and booking! And those who has as many Partyaner profiles as possible increases the possibility of having more queries, and then more business!

Join us and explore Partyaner, maybe it can serve you much better and more concretely in achieving your goals, both for you and your clients!

Our main goal is to make more business for you!

Do you organize a wedding? Here's how Partyaner can help you!

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Read How to create a profile on Partyaner for more information.


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