These are 7 expensive problems that Partyaner solves!

These are 7 expensive problems that Partyaner solves!
Event booking platform Partyaner solves many expensive types of problems that event organizers face in real life - from how and where to find adequate artists of a specific genre with the target audience to all things being solved so that is WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all!

At Partyaner you have ready-made solutions, booking system, each profile has its own event schedule calendar, you can feature your sponsors and partners, you have a fast and advanced profile search, you do not have to worry about system maintenance and you do not have to invest money in creating your own website and booking system for your business because at Partyaner you have everything in one place.

You can easily do searches according to your interests, and you get the search results immediately!

Advertise to your target audience, create categorized events, represent your clients dealing with music, art or some services related to music and event organization, view profiles that interest you and get in touch with other Partyaner users and arrange collaborations and gigs.

Partyaner is designed to serve you as a tool by which you can generate revenue using our services so that you are always at a profit!

1. Advanced profile/service search

How and where have you sought artists and services for your events so far? On social media? On Google? How long did it take you to find exactly what you were looking for and to be satisfied with it?

On social media and Google, you always have to type a text to find what you're looking for. And why should you even know the name of what you are looking for?

The solution to this problem is offered by Partyaner with its advanced profile search through which it is possible to find exactly those profiles, ie services that interest you according to specific criteria: profile type, country, city, genre, target audience, free date/period.

Example of advanced search: Find me all DJs from Croatia who play house, that they have positively rated reviews between 80 and 100% and that they are free for booking between 15th Dec. and 31th. Dec. Try it...

This way you no longer have to painstakingly mine data on the Internet in search of artists and services when you want to organize an event because on Partyaner you have everything at your fingertips and you get search results at the speed of light! You no longer have to wait for someone to respond to your Ad, but vice versa, you can actively go to the artists and services you are looking for and contact them immediately.

After all, the advanced search that Partyaner has is simply not possible to do on any social media or even on Google, because of course, Partyaner specializes in connecting common interests in organizing events.

2. Contacts - All in one place!

How many times did you have to ask for the artist’s or maganer's/agency's phone number when you wanted to organize an event? And why would you even have to ask for a phone number? What if you had all your contacts in one place without having to have phone numbers? That's where the Partyaner steps in!

You no longer have to have a bunch of contacts in your mobile phone and you no longer have to know who is who, but it is enough to know WHAT service you are looking for.

For example, why would someone who is just entering the world of catering (e.g. opening a coffee bar or restaurant) and wants to organize an event (e.g. opening) have to look for phone contacts of artists and services to organize that event at all?

You have all the contacts on the Partyaner in the form of a profile, and you can easily find them through the advanced profile search.

3. Quick connection of supply and demand

Do you (urgently) need an artist or service for the weekend? No problem! Through our advanced profile search you can find exactly those profiles/services you are looking for.

Instead of posting Ads and being passive waiting for someone to respond to that Ad, you can simply be active thanks to our advanced profile search and find exactly what you're interested in, and you can contact them directly by clicking the "Book now" button.

You can view Ads on our Newsfeed and by clicking the "I'm interested" button you can also immediately contact the advertiser directly with your inquiry, depending on what is being offered or requested.

4. No more bypassing managers and agencies

How many times have you been able to hear how social media and the internet are responsible for destroying the jobs of managers, music, fashion and booking agencies in general?

Partyaner is designed so that it is practically impossible to bypass managers and agencies for a simple reason - you as an agency or manager can create an unlimited number of profiles on Partyaner and thus connect them all to your account, and you can also represent other people's profiles which accept your managing request! That way, all booking/collaboration inquiries for those profiles will reach you!

In fact, we want to restore the way of business as it used to be, that jobs are arranged by agencies, managers and event organizers. Of course, it is technically possible that each Partyaner user can arrange gigs and collaborations.

Social networks have ruined the jobs of managers and agencies? We have a solution!

5. WIN-WIN-WIN situation!

Partyaner is a place where no one can be at a loss! It is practically impossible to go into the red at Partyaner because we have created such a business model in which everyone wins!

Every user who registers and buys Partycoins actually invests in their business and thus can always earn more than they invest because Partyaner is so designed that users always earn more than they invest.

We would like to mention that registration is free and that each new registered user receives 300 Partycoins as a gift for consumption. For example, getting in touch costs 20 PCs, so you can practically arrange 15 gigs with 300 PCs. If you manage to arrange only one gig and earn only €1, you are in the positive profits! Of course, we all know that the prices of gigs are much higher, so Partyaner is much more profitable and useful for you.

The idea is to use Partyaner for as long as you want to make money, and we believe it is forever!

At Partyaner everybody wins!

Our main goal is to make more business for you!

6. Target audience

First of all, at Partyaner you have a target audience from the world of music, event industry, entertainment, tourism, culture, art and catering.

Every event organizer is aware of how extremely important the selection of the target audience is because it depends on whether the event will be successful or not.

Each profile can have its own target audience that can be used in advanced profile search so you can find let's say all DJs whose target audience is between 18 and 29 years old. Some event organizers even say this information is worth millions of dollars. How much are you willing to pay for this kind of information? Do you know that all registered Partyaner users have this information?

Use the new feature "target audience" on Partyaner

7. Partyaner saves your time

In addition to fast and advanced profile search that definitely saves your time, also Partyaner does not requests its users to be constantly online as required by classic social media because there are no likes, comments or sharing posts on Partyaner because we think it is unnecessary because Partyaner is primarily a business platform.

At Partyaner, everything works as needed, there are no monthly or annual subscriptions.

Registration is free and use of the site is without any obligation.

Join a global platform that connects performers and event organizers in a modern way

Look no further! Use Partyaner!

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Read How to create a profile on Partyaner for more information.


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