Here’s how Partyaner can help you have more inquiries for the jobs while the corona measures last

Here’s how Partyaner can help you have more inquiries for the jobs while the corona measures last
Partyaner is not only used to organize events, but also for many other services that are not affected by corona measures.

We are aware of the current situation in which there are maximum restrictions when it comes to organizing events, weddings, celebrations, parties, night outs, etc., which greatly affected the organization of the event.

The biggest problem is the time limit until midnight when the night life actually starts, and due to the situation that has arisen, all catering facilities are closed just then.

However, there are other activities that do not depend on these restrictions, and which continue to function smoothly. This is where our platform Partyaner steps in, which can really help you find and arrange a job, so our goal is to have more jobs for you, and thus to increase your income.

So, here we will list the activities, ie Partyaner profiles that do not depend on corona measures:

  • photographers
  • cameramen
  • drone services
  • producers
  • graphic design / advertising
  • influencers / YouTubers / TikTokers
  • music studies
  • sound system
  • lighting
  • musical instrument shops
  • music equipment stores
  • TV hosts
  • radio hosts
  • program presenters
  • radio stations
  • taxi service
  • bodyguards and security companies
  • teaching singing, playing, dancing
  • dance schools
  • music schools / academies
  • film academies
  • podcast
  • playrooms
  • amusement parks
  • rehearsal spaces
  • museums
  • galleries
  • hostess
  • stand-up comedians
  • clowns
  • dancers
  • choreographers
  • models and mannequins
  • catering
  • gastronomy


Of course, we hereby invite all musicians, music bands, DJs, managers, booking agencies, entertainers and all services related to event organization, music, entertainment, tourism, culture and catering to join our platform for free because at least you can promote yourself for free on Partyaner by creating your profile and thus offering your services, and other users can also contact you via the profile and request your services.

You can also arrange some future collaborations as these restrictions will not last forever.

Enjoy all the benefits of this music platform and join the comfortable with the profitable - forever!

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Read How to create a profile on Partyaner for more information.


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